What Happened To Mcfarlane Nfl Figures?

If you’re a fan of McFarlane NFL Figures, you may have noticed that they’ve been conspicuously absent from store shelves for a while now. So what happened to them?

What Happened To Mcfarlane Nfl Figures?


In early 2006, it was announced that McFarlane Toys had lost the NFL license to produce NFL-related collectibles. This includes everything from action figures to toys to novelty items featuring NFL teams and players. It was a huge loss for the company, as the NFL had been one of its most popular licenses.

So what happened?

It’s thought that the NFL decided to go in a different direction with its licensing, opting for companies that could provide a wider range of products at lower prices. This meant that McFarlane Toys was out of luck.

As a result of losing the NFL license, McFarlane Toys released its last line of NFL figures in early 2007. These were the “Season 28” figures, which featured players in their 2006 team uniforms. Since then, there have been no new McFarlane Toys NFL figures released.

This has been a huge disappointment for fans of McFarlane Toys’ highly detailed and well-crafted action figures. The company had built up a large following among collectors and fans of NFL football, and many had hoped that they would continue to produce new lines of figures for years to come.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that McFarlane Toys will be returning to the world of NFL collectibles anytime soon. However, there are still plenty of “Season 28” figures available on the secondary market, so fans can continue to build their collections – even if it’s not growing as rapidly as they might like!

History of McFarlane Toys

McFarlane Toys was founded in 1994 by Todd McFarlane, who had recently left behind his position as an illustrator for Marvel Comics’ Spawn series in order to create his own company. The company’s first figures were released in 1998, and they were an instant success with both children and collectors. The company has since gone on to produce licensed figures for a variety of popular franchises, including the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, and more.

In recent years, McFarlane Toys has been mostly known for their line of NFL figures. These figures are highly detailed and realistically sculpted, and they have been some of the most popular items in the company’s catalog. However, it seems that the NFL has recently discontinued their partnership with McFarlane Toys. As a result, it is unclear if or when any new NFL figures will be released.

This change might come as a surprise to some fans, but it is worth noting that the NFL has been increasingly partnering with other toy companies in recent years. For example, they have partnered with Mattel to produce a line of official NFL Barbie dolls. It seems that the NFL is simply diversifying their licensing partners, and McFarlane Toys is no longer the only company making officially licensed NFL products.

Despite this change, McFarlane Toys remains a popular toy company with a wide variety of products available. They continue to release new figures based on popular franchises like Rick and Morty, The Walking Dead, Fortnite, Stranger Things, and more. So even though there might not be any new NFL figures on the horizon, there are still plenty of other great toys to check out from McFarlane Toys!

Rise of McFarlane Toys

In the early 2000s, Todd McFarlane’s company, McFarlane Toys, was on top of the world. They had secured the licenses to produce figures for some of the biggest franchises in entertainment, including NFL Football, NBA Basketball, NHL Hockey, MLB Baseball, and more. The company was cranking out high-quality figures that were unlike anything else on the market, and fans were eating them up.

However, in recent years, McFarlane Toys has been in a bit of a slump. Their NFL figures have been particularly plagued by delays and quality issues. So what happened?

It’s hard to say for sure. It could be that the company is simply spread too thin, trying to produce too many different types of figures. Or it could be that they’re facing stiffer competition from other toy companies. Whatever the case may be, it’s clear that McFarlane Toys isn’t quite the powerhouse it once was.

Fall of McFarlane Toys

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Todd McFarlane’s McFarlane Toys was the hottest name in action figures, not just for licensed properties like NFL football and Spawn, but for original creations like Movie Maniacs. The company was riding high, with new figures being released on a regular basis to the delight of collectors.

But then, something happened. The company hit a rough patch, and suddenly new figures were few and far between. And when they were released, they were often of lower quality than what McFarlane Toys was once known for.

What happened? There are a few possible explanations.

It’s possible that the company simply overexpanded and bit off more than it could chew. With so many lines to produce, something was bound to suffer. Or it could be that the company’s founder, Todd McFarlane, became too involved in other projects (like directing an episode of HBO’s Entourage) and lost focus on the toys.

Whatever the reason, McFarlane Toys is no longer the powerhouse it once was. It’s still around, and occasionally puts out a great figure (like its recent line of Rick & Morty figures), but it’s no longer the go-to name in action figures.

Where are McFarlane Toys Now?

The company behind the iconic McFarlane Toys is no longer in the NFL business.

The last time McFarlane Toys produced an NFL figure was in 2012, when they released a figure of then-San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith.

Since then, the company has been bought by Todd McFarlane – who is now the sole owner – and has shifted its focus away from sports figures to more general pop culture toys, such as figures based on television shows like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones.

There are no plans to produce any more NFL figures in the near future.


In short, it seems that Mcfarlane NFL Figures are no longer being produced. There are a few ways to find old figures, but they may be expensive. The best bet may be to find some used figures on sites like eBay. Thanks for reading!

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