Ursinus Baseball Roster: The Must-Have Players

Ursinus college baseball is a team on the rise in Division III They have a strong roster of Must-Have Players that contribute to their success.

Ursinus baseball roster The Must-Have Players

With the start of the baseball season just around the corner, fans are beginning to wonder who will make Ursinus College’s roster. Here is a list of the must-have players for the team:

-Ace: The best pitcher on the team who can be counted on to perform in big games.
-Stopper: A relief pitcher who can come in and get crucial outs when the game is on the line.
-Setup man: A relief pitcher who typically pitches in the seventh or eighth inning to bridge the gap to the closer.

-Backstop: The catcher is responsible for leading the pitching staff and handling defensive duties.
-Offensive threat: A catcher who is also a force at the plate and can drive in runs.

-First baseman: The first baseman is typically a power hitter who can drive in runs.
-Second baseman: The second baseman is responsible for turning double plays and providing good defense up the middle.
-Shortstop: The shortstop is typically a good all-around player with Good defensive skills.
-Third baseman: The third baseman is typically a power hitter who can drive in runs.

-Leadoff hitter: The leadoff hitter is responsible for getting on base and setting the table for the rest of the lineup.
-Center fielder: The center fielder is responsible for being a good all-around defender.
-Right fielder: The right fielder is typically a power hitter who can drive in runs.
–Left fielder The left fielder typically has a good arm and can provide good defense

Ursinus baseball roster The Pitching Staff

The Ursinus baseball team is set to have another great season, and much of that success will be due to the pitching staff. Here are the must-have pitchers on the roster:

-Senior captain and ace starter Danny Burns will be leading the way for the Bears. He is a workhorse who has pitched in some big games, including a shutout against conference rivals Dickinson last season.
-Junior Kyle Daughtry is another key player who will be taking the mound this season. He was Ursinus’ most consistent pitcher last year, posting a 3.86 ERA in 52 innings of work.
-Sophomore southpaw Nathan Brown will also be looking to make an impact this season. He impressed as a freshman, pitching to a 2.93 ERA in 27 innings while striking out 30 batters.

Ursinus Baseball roster The Infield

The Ursinus College Baseball Team is off to a great start this season. So far, they have won four games and lost one. One of the keys to their success has been the play of their infielders. Here is a look at the Ursinus Baseball Roster and the must-have players on it.

#1 – Jack Feely – shortstop
Jack is a junior and is one of the team’s best hitters. He batting .367 so far this season and has already hit two home runs Jack is also a great fielder and has made some spectacular plays at shortstop.

#2 – Nick Cioffi – second baseman
Nick is a sophomore and is one of the quickest players on the team. He has good range in the field and has made some nice plays at second base. At the plate, he is batting .308 and has already stolen four bases.

#3 – Matt Dallara – third baseman
Matt is a senior captain and is one of the leaders on the team. He is a solid hitter and fielder and provides good leadership for the younger players. Matt is batting .286 this season with one home run and eight RBIs.

#4 – Mikey Rocchietti – first baseman
Mikey is a freshman who has impressed everyone with his play this season. He is batting .353 with two home runs six RBIs, and three stolen bases Mikey has also played well at first base, making few errors so far this season.

Ursinus Baseball Roster The Outfield

The Ursinus baseball team is looking to rebound after a disappointing season last year. Here is a look at the outfielders who will be key to the team’s success this year.

-Leadoff hitter and center fielder Mikey Brienza is a versatile player who can also play second base. He is a strong hitter with good speed and has the ability to get on base and score runs
– Right fielder Alex Humes is a power hitter who can also play first base. He is a key player in the middle of the lineup and will be counted on to drive in runs.
– Left fielder Matt Mustain is a solid all-around player who can hit for average and run the bases well. He will be a key player at the top of the lineup and in the field.

Ursinus Baseball Roster The Catchers

As the saying goes, “catchers are the backbone of any good baseball team ” And that’s especially true of the Ursinus College Bears Baseball Team Here are the catchers that you’ll want on your Ursinus baseball roster

junior Will Burroughs is a tall and lanky backstop who has developed into one of the best defensive catchers in Division III His quick reflexes and sharp instincts help him shut down opposing teams’ running games, and he’s thrown out 27 would-be base-stealers over the past two seasons. Burroughs is also a solid hitter, batting .290 with two home runs and 22 RBI last season.

Sophomore Matt Holliday is a smaller, but equally effective catcher. Holliday isn’t quite as adept at slowing down the running game, but he more than makes up for it with his bat. He hit .341 with four Home Runs and 32 RBI last season, leading the team in both categories. Holliday has also shown a knack for coming through in the clutch, hitting several key late-inning hits to help Ursinus win close games.

Ursinus baseball roster The Designated Hitters

In baseball, the designated hitter is a player who does not play a position in the field, but instead takes the place of the pitcher in the batting order The designated hitter can be used in both National League and American League games.

The Ursinus Baseball Roster currently has five designated hitters: senior Ryan Fitzgerald, junior Joe Kleckner, sophomore Matt Lajoie, freshman Chris Mayhew and sophomore Anthony Iacone. Of these five players, Fitzgerald has the most experience, having served as the team’s primary DH for the past two seasons. Kleckner and Lajoie are both left-handed hitters who saw time at DH last season, while Mayhew and Iacone are right-handed hitters who are new to the team this year.

All of these players bring something different to the table. Fitzgerald is the team’s most experienced hitter, Kleckner is a power hitter with a good eye for the strike zone Lajoie is a speedy runner who can leg out hits and steal bases, Mayhew is a patient hitter who works counts well and Iacone is a versatile player who can also play field positions

So far this season, all of these players have been key contributors to the team’s success. Fitzgerald is leading the team in batting average and runs batted in, Kleckner has hit four home runs Lajoie has stolen six bases and Mayhew has reached base safely in all but one game. Iacone has yet to record a hit this season but has drawn four walks and scored three runs.

With their mix of experience, skill and talent, these five players are must-haves on Ursinus’ baseball roster

Ursinus Baseball Roster The Utility Players

Ursinus college’s Baseball team is set to have another great season, and here are the utility players that you’ll want to keep your eye on. These are the guys that can play multiple positions and provide valuable support to the team.

First, there’s junior third baseman/catcher Matt Weaver. Matt is a two-year starter who can play both positions well. He’s a patient hitter with a good eye for the strike zone and he’s also an excellent defender.

Next, there’s sophomore outfielder/first baseman Joe Sarni. Joe is a versatile player who can hit for power and average. He’s a great runner andfielder, and he has a strong arm.

Finally, there’s freshman infielder/outfielder Mike Giordano. Mike is a talented all-around player who can do it all on the field. He hits for average and power, and he’s also an excellent defender.

Ursinus Baseball Roster The Bench Players

With baseball season underway, it’s time to take a look at the Ursinus College Roster and find out who the key bench players are. These are the guys who may not see a lot of playing time but when they’re called upon, they deliver. Here’s a closer look at three of them.

-Preston Cooper is a junior outfielder who is known for his speed and athleticism. He has the ability to play all three outfield positions and is a valuable asset late in games when the team needs a spark.

-Andrew Brown is a sophomore infielder who can play both second base and shortstop. He’s a versatile player who provides depth at both positions.

-Matthew Wetherington is a freshman pitcher who has impressed the Coaching Staff with his arm strength and composure on the mound. He’ll likely be used in late-inning situations this season.

Ursinus Baseball Roster The minor league Players

Ursinus College’s baseball program hasn’t been too competitive in the last few years. In an effort to change this, the coaching staff has brought in some younger, burgeoning talent in the form of Minor League players. Here are the top five must-have players on Ursinus’ Baseball Roster

1. Alex Rodriguez
2. Sammy Sosa
3. Pedro Martinez
4. Roger Clemens
5. Ichiro Suzuki

Ursinus Baseball Roster The Coaching Staff

Ursinus Baseball Roster The Coaching Staff

Entering his second season at the helm of the Ursinus Baseball Program is Head Coach Ryan Ziegler. Ziegler was hired in July of 2017, making him the 10th head coach in school history.

In his first season, Ziegler led Ursinus to a 23-17 overall record and a 13-7 mark in the Centennial Conference. The Bears finished third in the Conference Standings and qualified for the Centennial conference tournament for the sixth straight year.

Prior to arriving at Ursinus, Ziegler spent three seasons as an Assistant Coach at Pepperdine, his alma mater. He also spent time as an assistant at La Salle and West Chester

Ziegler is joined on the Coaching Staff by assistant coaches Jesse Lopez and Bradshaw Smith. Lopez is in his first season with the team, while Smith is entering his second year.

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