Stoneman Douglas Baseball Schedule

The Stoneman Douglas baseball schedule has been released. Here are the Times and Locations of all the games.


The Stoneman Douglas Baseball Schedule lists the order of the games for the season.
-The first game is on February 25th at home against Coral Springs
-The second game is on March 3rd away against Blanche Ely.
-The third game is on March 10th at home against Deerfield Beach.

The Schedule

The Stoneman Douglas high school baseball Schedule is as follows:
3/2 – Scrimmage vs. Cypress Bay
3/3 – Game vs. Cypress Bay
3/7 – Game vs. Archbishop McCarthy
3/9 – Game vs. St. Thomas Aquinas
3/10 – Game vs. Nova

The Team

The Stoneman Douglas baseball team is made up of High School students who attend Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school in Parkland, Florida. The team competes in the Florida high school Athletic Association (FHSAA) and plays its home games at the school’s baseball field which is located on the campus of Stoneman Douglas high school

The Fans

###As the Stoneman Douglas high school community mourns the loss of 17 people killed in a shooting at the school on Wednesday, the school’s Baseball Team is trying to move forward.

The team is scheduled to play its first game since the shooting on Saturday, against rival West Boca Raton Community high school

The game was originally supposed to be played at Stoneman Douglas, but was moved to West Boca Raton out of respect for the victims and their families.

The teams have been rivals for years, but this game will be different.

“It’s going to be really emotional for all of us,” West Boca coach Mark Montimurro told the Sun Sentinel. “We’ve all been through a lot this week.”

West Boca players will wear ribbons on their hats to honor the victims, and both teams will have moments of silence before and during the game.

The Stadium

The Stoneman Douglas high school baseball team has seen a lot of success in recent years With a strong pitching staff and some talented hitters, they have been able to compete with some of the best teams in the state. The team’s home field is located on the campus of Stoneman Douglas High School It is a small stadium, but it is well-maintained and provides a great environment for the team to play in.

The Rival

The Stoneman Douglas high school baseball team’s main rival is Coral Springs high school The two schools are only 3 miles apart and have been playing each other since the early 1990s. The Rival is always the first game on the schedule and is always a sell-out.

The Media

The Media are always looking for a story. Sometimes that story is about the game, the players or a timely news event that is related to the team. Other times, the story is about someone who is associated with the team, but not directly involved in baseball operations.

The Tradition

Stoneman Douglas High School has a long-standing tradition of excellence in academics and athletics. The school’s baseball team is no exception, having won numerous state and National Championships The team’s schedule for the upcoming season is as follows:

3 – vs. Miami Beach HS
10 – vs. Coral Gables HS
17 – vs. Westminster Academy
24 – vs. Cypress Bay HS
31 – vs. Miami Palmetto HS

7 – vs. Cooper City HS
14 – vs. Broward Community College (DH)
21 – vs. Piper HS
28 – vs. South Broward HS

The Future

The future of the Stoneman Douglas Baseball Team is looking very bright. With a strong core of returners and some talented newcomers, the team is in a great position to make a run at the state title.


The Stoneman Douglas Baseball team’s season has come to an end. The team fought hard all season, but ultimately came up short. We want to thank all the fans who came out to support the team. We also want to give a special thanks to the Coaching Staff for their dedication and effort.

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