Peachtree Ridge High School Baseball Tryouts

It’s that time of year again! Peachtree Ridge High School will be holding baseball tryouts for the upcoming season All potential players must have a completed physical on file with the school in order to try out. Tryouts will be held on February 15th and 16th from 3:00-5:00 pm at the PRHS baseball field Please come prepared with proper Baseball Attire and equipment. We hope to see you there!


The following information is designed to give you an overview of what to expect during baseball tryouts at Peachtree Ridge High School Please read through all of the material so that you are familiar with our expectations. If you have any questions, please contact the Head Coach .

tryouts will be held on Monday and Tuesday from 3:00-5:00 pm at the Baseball Field All players must bring their own glove, bat, and cleats. Players should also dress in appropriate attire for baseball tryouts (baseball pants hat, etc.).

What to expect

The following is a list of required baseball equipment for tryouts. Players must bring their own baseball equipment to tryouts.
-Athletic cup
-Wooden bat
-Athletic shorts
-Batting gloves

What to bring

Be sure to bring the following items with you to tryouts:
-A glove
-Proper baseball attire (baseball pants hat, etc.)
–baseball cleats (optional, but recommended)
-Your own bat and batting helmet (optional, but recommended)

The tryout process

The tryout process for the Peachtree Ridge high school baseball team is as follows:
First, all interested players must attend a mandatory meeting with the Coaching Staff At this meeting, the coaches will go over the tryout process and answer any questions that the players or parents may have.
Next, each player will be given a number and they will be put through a series of drills to assess their skills. These drills will include things like hitting, fielding, and pitching.
Finally, the coaches will sit down and decide which players have made the team. They will then send out letters to the parents of those who have made it, as well as to those who have not.

Making the team

To make the team you must first attend tryouts. Peachtree Ridge high school baseball tryouts are open to any student in grades 9-12. The tryout process consists of several stations focused on different baseball skills At each station, players will be evaluated on their ability to perform the skill being tested. The stations are:

– Hitting for power and accuracy
– Fielding ground balls
– Fielding fly balls
– Throwing accurately and with velocity
– Running the bases

Players will be evaluated on their performance at each station by a panel of coaches. The coaches will then select the players they feel are best suited for the team.

What if you don’t make the team

It’s tough to not make the team you try out for. Here are some ideas of what you can do if you don’t make the cut.

tips for success

Here are some tips to help you be at your best for baseball tryouts. Tryouts are important because they help the coaches choose the players who will form the team for the upcoming season

– Get a good night’s sleep before tryouts. You’ll be more alert and ready to show your skills if you’re well rested.
– Eat a healthy breakfast on the day of tryouts. A nutritious meal will give you energy and help you focus.
– Dress appropriately for tryouts. Wear baseball pants and cleats, and bring your glove and bat.
– Be positive and confident. The coaches are looking for players who are serious about making the team and willing to work hard.
– Give it your all. Show the coaches what you can do, and don’t hold back.
– Listen to the coaches and follow their instructions. They know what they’re looking for in a player, so do your best to impress them.
– Have fun! Baseball is a game, so enjoy yourself while you’re trying out.


Thank you for attending tryouts. We were impressed with the level of talent and competition. The wing players have been selected for the varsity team


1. When are tryouts?
-Tryouts will be held on February 22nd and 23rd from 3:00pm to 5:00pm.
2. What do I need to bring to tryouts?
-You will need to bring a copy of your most recent physical, your bat, glove, cleats, and any other baseball equipment you feel necessary.
3. How many players will make the team?
-We will be taking a maximum of 24 players this season.
4. What is the practice and game schedule?

-Practice will be held Monday through Friday from 3:00pm to 5:00pm. Games are typically scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday evenings, but times may vary depending on the opponents’ availability.


– Prospective Player Letter
– Tryout Dates and Times
– What to Bring to Tryouts
– Peachtree Ridge High school baseball Code of Conduct

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