Ocean City Baseball is Back for Another Season

Ocean City Baseball is back for another season! Come out and support your local team as they take on opponents from all over the state.



It’s that time of year again! Time toGetyour game on and support your local Ocean City Baseball team! This year, the team is looking better than ever and is poised to make a real run at the championship. So come on out to the ballpark, grab a hot dog and a beer, and cheer on the home team!

The Team

The team is maybe not as strong as it was in the past, but they have a lot of heart. The fans are still supportive, and they continue to come out to the games in droves. There is a lot of excitement surrounding the team, and they are definitely worth checking out this season.

The Schedule

The home opener is set for Saturday, May 4th, against the Salisbury Shorebirds. The first 1,000 fans will receive an Ocean City baseball mug The game will start at 7:05 PM.

Here is the home schedule for the rest of May:
5/5 vs. Salisbury – 2:05 PM
5/6 vs. Delmarva – 7:05 PM
5/11 vs. Lancaster – 7:05 PM
5/12 vs. Lancaster – 2:05 PM
5/13 vs. Wilmington – 7:05 PM
5/18 vs. Southern Maryland – 7:05 PM
5/19 vs Southern Maryland – 2:05 PM
5/25 vs. Potomac – 7:05 PM
5/26 vs Potomac – 2:05 PM

The Fans

Crowds have been gathering at the Ocean City baseball stadium since the team’s inception in 1915. The atmosphere is always electric, with fans cheering on their home team and root, root, rooting for the visitors to lose. There is a strong sense of community among the fans, who are united in their love of the game and their team.

Whether it’s Opening Day or the playoffs, Ocean City baseball fans are some of the most dedicated and passionate fans in the country. They are always ready to cheer on their team, no matter what the score is. If you’re looking for a fun and festive atmosphere, Ocean City Baseball is the place to be.

The Ballpark

After a long hiatus, Ocean City baseball is finally back for another season! The Ballpark, located at the corner of 12th Street and Central Avenue, is home to the Ocean City Surfers, the town’s very own minor league team

This year, the team is off to a great start and is currently in first place in its division. If you’re looking for a fun and affordable way to spend an evening, be sure to catch a game!

The Rivalries

The Rivalries

Since its inception in 1902, Ocean City Baseball has been marked by heated rivalries between the city’s teams. These rivalries often lead to on-field brawls and even family feuds that can last for generations.

The most famous rivalry is between the Ocean City Reds and the Bluefish. The two teams have been battling it out for supremacy since the early days of the league. The rivalry was originally fueled by the fact that the Reds were known as the “poor man’s team” while the Bluefish were considered to be the more affluent squad.

Over the years, the rivalry has only grown more intense. The two teams are now equally matched, and each season their games are some of the most hotly contested in all of baseball. If you’re in Ocean City during baseball season make sure to catch a game between these two rivals!

The History

Since the early 1900s, minor League Baseball teams have called Ocean City home. In its heyday, the original ballpark built in 1902, located at the south end of Asbury Avenue where the Boardwalk ends today, hosted as many as six different teams. The teams were all small town squads that barnstormed up and down the coast playing other small town teams. This was back when baseball was known as America’s pastime and before professional football, basketball or hockey had gained a nationwide following.

The Future

The Future is looking bright for Ocean City Baseball The team has a strong core of returning players, as well as some promising new prospects. With a mix of experience and youth, the team is poised for another successful season

The Legend

The Baltimore Orioles are a professional baseball team based in Baltimore, Maryland. They compete in Major League Baseball (MLB) as a member club of the American League (AL) East division. As one of the American League’s eight charter teams in 1901, this particular franchise spent its first year as a Major League club in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as the Milwaukee Brewers before moving to St. Louis, Missouri, to become the St. Louis Browns in 1902. After 52 years in St. Louis, the franchise was purchased in 1954 by a syndicate led by Cleveland shipping magnate George Steinbrenner and moved to Baltimore.[8][9] The team’s current owner is American businessman Peter Angelos.

The Orioles began play at Camden Yards in 1992. The iconic brickyard ballpark greatly expanded the fortunes of the fledgling team following their move from Memorial Stadium; attendance at Camden Yards increased tenfold over that at Memorial Stadium and has continued to draw fans for two decades now, with sellouts not uncommon.[10] The team’s heated rivalry with the New York Yankees is one of baseball’s longest-standing,[11][12] and occupies much of both clubs’ energy and resources.[13][14]


The team has had a great spring season and is looking forward to another winning season. Thanks for your support!

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