Is Jim Harbaugh Leaving For The Nfl?

The latest rumors are swirling that Jim Harbaugh may be leaving his post at the University of Michigan to return to the NFL. Is there any truth to these rumors?

Is Jim Harbaugh Leaving For The Nfl?


Jim Harbaugh is in his fifth year as the 49ers head coach. He has led the team to 3 NFC championship games and a Super Bowl appearance. After the 49ers failed to make the playoffs this year, rumors have surfaced that Harbaugh will leave the team. In this article, we will explore the evidence that suggests Harbaugh will leave for the NFL.

Jim Harbaugh’s History

Harbaugh played college football for the University of Michigan from 1983 to 1986. He then played for the Chicago Bears from 1987 to 1993. He also played for the Baltimore Ravens in 1998. In between his time in the NFL, he coached at the University of San Diego, the University of Stanford, and with the NFL’s Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers.

Jim Harbaugh’s Record

In his four years as head coach of the San Francisco 49ers, Jim Harbaugh has compiled a regular-season record of 44-19-1, leading the team to the playoffs three times. In 2012, his second year as head coach, the 49ers advanced to Super Bowl XLVII, where they lost to the Baltimore Ravens.

The Case For Jim Harbaugh Leaving

The Michigan Wolverines football program has been one of the most successful in recent years. However, their head coach, Jim Harbaugh, has been rumored to be leaving for the NFL. There are a few reasons why this could happen. Let’s take a look at the case for Jim Harbaugh leaving.

Jim Harbaugh’s Contract

In 2014, the 49ers and Jim Harbaugh agreed to a new five-year contract that would keep him with the team through the 2019 season. The deal, which was reportedly worth $25 million, made Harbaugh the highest-paid coach in the NFL.

However, rumors began to circulate in 2015 that Harbaugh was unhappy with his contract and was looking to leave the 49ers. These rumors intensified after the 49ers failed to make the playoffs in 2014 and 2015.

In 2016, it was reported that Harbaugh had been offered a contract extension by the 49ers, but he turned it down. This led to more speculation that he was indeed looking to leave the team.

Finally, in 2017, it was announced that Harbaugh would be leaving the 49ers to become the head coach of the University of Michigan. This ended months of speculation about his future with the team.

Jim Harbaugh’s Relationship With The Front Office

One of the most frequently cited reasons for Jim Harbaugh’s potential departure is his relationship with the front office, specifically with general manager Trent Baalke. The two have reportedly been at odds for some time, and it has led to a number of turbulence within the organization.

This past season, there were reports of Baalke trying to trade Harbaugh to the Cleveland Browns, which led to Harbaugh going public with his frustration over the rumors.

“There’s no basis for any of that,” Harbaugh said at the time. “I talk to Trent every day. We have a great relationship. We communicate well. I’ve told him what I expect out of him and he’s done that.”

However, the relationship between the two men apparently took a turn for the worse following the 49ers’ loss to the Seattle Seahawks in the NFC Championship game.According to reports, Baalke was upset that Harbaugh didn’t take kindly to criticism from offensive coordinator Greg Roman following the game.

The Case Against Jim Harbaugh Leaving

All indications are that Jim Harbaugh will be leaving his post as head coach of the San Francisco 49ers to take over as head coach of the Michigan Wolverines. While this may be a good move for Harbaugh, it is not a good move for the 49ers. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why.

Jim Harbaugh’s Loyalty

Since taking over as head coach of the San Francisco 49ers in 2011, Jim Harbaugh has led the team to three straight NFC Championship games and a Super Bowl appearance. His success has made him one of the most sought-after coaches in the NFL, and there have been rumors in recent years that he could leave San Francisco for a coaching job elsewhere.

So far, Harbaugh has remained loyal to the 49ers, signing a contract extension through the 2019 season despite interest from other teams. But with the 49ers struggling this season and reports of tension between Harbaugh and the front office, there is speculation that Harbaugh could finally decide to move on.

If Harbaugh does leave San Francisco, it would be a huge loss for the team. He is one of the best coaches in the NFL and has been responsible for turning around a 49ers franchise that was struggling before he arrived. The 49ers would be wise to do whatever they can to keep Harbaugh, even if it means making some changes to their front office.

Jim Harbaugh’s Love For The Game

Love. It’s an emotion that can’t be measured or quantified. It’s also the one word that Jim Harbaugh uses time and time again when asked about his future in coaching. In a recent interview, Harbaugh was asked if he would ever leave Michigan for the NFL. His response was simple and to the point. “I love coaching college football,” said Harbaugh. “I have no plans to leave Michigan.”

This isn’t the first time that Harbaugh has been asked about his future in coaching. In fact, it seems like every year there are rumors swirling about Harbaugh returning to the NFL. And every year, Harbaugh shoots those rumors down.

So why does everyone keep asking? Well, it’s simple really. Jim Harbaugh is one of the best coaches in college football. He has a proven track record of success at both the collegiate and professional levels. He’s a creative offensive mind and a master motivator. Simply put, he knows how to win football games.

And that’s why Michigan fans should rest easy knowing that Jim Harbaugh is their head coach for the foreseeable future. He may flirt with the NFL from time to time, but at the end of the day, he loves coaching college football far too much to ever leave Ann Arbor.


All in all, only time will tell if Jim Harbaugh will leave for the NFL. He has stated in the past that he is happy at Michigan, but there have been reports that he could be a target for NFL teams if he becomes available. Michigan will likely do everything they can to keep him, but if an NFL team comes calling with a big offer, it might be hard for him to turn down. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

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