Can You Go From High School To The NFL?

It’s a question that many young football players ask themselves. Can you go from high school to the NFL? The answer may surprise you.

Can You Go From High School To The NFL?


Playing football at the highest level is a lifelong dream for many young athletes. But what are the odds of achieving that dream? Can you go from high school to the NFL?

The simple answer is yes, you can go from high school to the NFL. But it’s not easy. In fact, it’s very difficult.

There are only so many spots available in the NFL, and there is a lot of competition for those spots. Every year, there are more than a million high school football players in the United States. Of those million players, only about 250 will be drafted by an NFL team. That means that less than 0.025% of high school football players will go on to play in the NFL.

So, if you want to play in the NFL, you’re going to have to be one of the best football players in the country. You’ll need to work hard and dedicate yourself to your craft. And even then, there’s no guarantee that you’ll make it to the NFL. But if you have what it takes, anything is possible.

The Road to the NFL

It is every young football player’s dream to one day make it to the NFL. But what are the odds of going from high school to the NFL? Let’s take a look at the numbers.

High school

Playing football in high school is the first step to becoming a professional player in the NFL. High school football is used to develop players’ skills and abilities so that they will be ready to play at the collegiate level. In order to play high school football, players must meet certain eligibility requirements.

Players must be in high school (grades 9-12), and they must be younger than 19 years old on September 1 of the year they are playing. They must also have a physical examination before they are allowed to play.

High school football players typically play on varsity teams, which are made up of the best players at the school. These teams usually compete against other varsity teams in their league or district. The best players on varsity teams may also be selected to play in all-star games, which pit the best players from one region against the best players from another region.


In order to be eligible for the NFL draft, players must have been out of high school for at least three years. This means that most players will have played college football before being eligible for the draft.

There are two different ways to enter the NFL draft: through the NFL’s main draft, or through the supplemental draft. The vast majority of players will enter through the main draft, which is held every April. To be eligible for the main draft, a player must have been out of high school for at least three years and must have used up their eligibility at their college. Players who are still eligible to play at their college cannot enter the main draft.

Players who are not eligible for the main draft can enter the supplemental drafts, which are held periodically throughout the year. These drafts are usually only for players who have had their eligibility changed since the main draft, such as by being declared academically ineligible or by leaving their college early.

The NFL Draft

The National Football League Draft, also called the Player Selection Meeting, is an annual event in which the National Football League (NFL) teams select eligible college football players. It serves as the league’s most common source of player recruitment. The basic design of the draft is that each team is given a position in the drafting order in reverse order relative to its record in the previous year, which means that the last place team from the previous year picks first. From this position, each team selects a player in turn until all teams have selected a player.

There are two types of drafts-a normal draft and an auction draft. An auction draft is when each team has an assigned amount of money (either real or play money) that they can use to “bid” on players. The team that bids the most on a player gets him. In a normal draft, as long as you have a higher pick than another team, you can take any player you want regardless of how much another team may want him too.

Making the NFL

The National Football League (NFL) is the highest level of professional American football in the world. If you want to play in the NFL, you need to be the best of the best. But, can you go from high school to the NFL?

The NFL Combine

In order to be eligible for the NFL Draft, potential players must first participate in the NFL Scouting Combine. The NFL Scouting Combine is a week-long event that invite draft-eligible college football players to perform physical and psychological tests in front of NFL coaches, general managers, and scouts.

The primary purpose of the Combine is to provide a level playing field for prospects to showcase their talents and abilities. Although participating in the Combine does not guarantee that a player will be drafted, it is an essential step in the pre-draft process.

The NFL Scouting Combine consists of four main types of events:
-the 40-yard dash
-the bench press
-the vertical jump
-the broad jump

Training camp

Players report to training camp two weeks before the preseason begins. During this time, they undergo a series of physical and mental tests to gauge their readiness for the upcoming season. Training camp is also a time for the team’s coaching staff to evaluate the talent of each player and determine which positions they will be best suited for.

After training camp, the preseason starts. This is a series of exhibition games in which the starters play for a limited time, and the focus is on giving the younger players an opportunity to show what they can do. The results of these games don’t count towards the regular season record, but they can be important for determining who makes the final cut for the 53-man roster.

The regular season

During the regular season, each team plays 16 games over a 17-week period. Several times during the season, teams will have a bye week, during which they do not play. At the end of the regular season, the team with the best record in each division is crowned the division champion and earns a spot in the playoffs. The two teams with the next-best records in each conference also earn playoff spots, for a total of six teams from each conference making the playoffs. In addition, two wild card teams (the two remaining best teams from each conference) earn playoff spots for a total of 12 teams in the playoffs altogether.


It is possible to go from high school to the NFL, but it is not easy. There are only a handful of players who have made the jump directly from high school to the NFL in the past few years, and most of them were highly recruited prospects who had a lot of talent. If you are not a highly recruited prospect, your chances of making it to the NFL are very slim. The route from high school to the NFL is a long and difficult one, and it is not for everyone.

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